Cloud Based Services

More and more businesses are moving to the cloud with an ever growing collection of connected devices. For each type of business contact there are mobility solutions, and infrastructure-as-a-service offerings. This has made video conferencing (VC) more useful than ever before to businesses of all sizes. Helping companies access the wide-reaching benefits of video has […]

Online Video Marketing

Turns out video conferencing was just the tip of the ice berg. Over the last few years video has replaced informative web pages as the preferred source of current information.A local business, Boise Valley Tree Trimming, had been in business for 15 years, but their website was buried on page 15 of Google. Their business […]

Small Business Marketing

 Web conferencing is becoming easier every day.  There are so many companies with free components that are user friendly, any business person can schedule a conference with confidence.   However, succeeding in business today requires more than expertise in ones field.  It used to be that being an excellent plumber meant that you would have a good […] and Free Video and Audio Conferencing

For simple small group web or phone conferencing you can’t beat’s free account.  Signing up is as simple as registering your name and email address.   Live assistance is available to help with any immediate problem or emergency to avert disaster that may arise. You do not need any hardware or additional wiring as the conferencing […]

Using Skype for Business Conferencing

Whether you are video conferencing using your in your airport limo or sitting at your desk having a cup of coffee, you can be connected to your business, clients and colleagues. Skype is a face to face computer program that provides a way for individuals or small groups to video conference on the web using […]

Web Based Conferencing–the Basics

As with all business areas, a specialized vocabulary has sprung up to identify the different elements of web conferencing options.  This page will try to explain some of the common terms you will encounter when researching and comparing different conferencing options. Affiliates are web conferencing companies that may offer to make you an affiliate, if you […]

More Web Conferencing Basics

The web conferencing host is the person who has organized the meeting.  Their computer is the base computer on which the software, slide show, or screen shots will be show. IM/IMing/Instant Messaging, in a nutshell, means to message someone on the Internet in real time.  You type something, hit enter, they read it.  They write […]